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1 澳门金沙www7249con 澳门金沙www7249con SS-D8420-D3
2 After the trousers pocket decoration line SS-T1310G-01S
3 After his trousers suture SS-3020G-01TD
4 After his trousers suture SS-T1310G-01S
5 Coin purse stitch SS-D8450-D3
6 Bag before stitching SS-A398MX-D3
7 Zipper stitching SS-A399MW-D3
8 The front door flap suture SS-D8420-D3
9 Waistband stitching SS-302U-ZD
10 Waistband stitching SS-302U-ZD
11 Belt loop is made SS-31016-01CBKP
12 Nail belt loop SS-254
13 Trademark suture SS-T1904
14 Prior to reinforce the sewing SS-T1900ASS
15 Metal button hole sewing SS-T1903
16 Stitching in connection SS-T928
17 The lateral connection stitch SS-B900-4
18 Bottom edge SS-T63900
19 澳门金沙www7249con SS-H9920