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  Zhejiang Sunsir sewing machine and technology CO,. LTD.(Abbreviated Sunsir tech),one China Wellknown Brand,Sunsir tech standing high and aiming far,in pursue to make high quality products from beginning.Sunsir tech technology leading the industry,promoted electro-mechanism,positioning”SMART TECH PIONEER”.Sunsir tech vision is “Casting heavy duty material of sewing machine for International leading Brand”.

  In order to transfer and upgrade,more near sewing machine industry chain.Sunsir tech cooperated with The first class company,and invested enormous sum in the China sewing machine city-Taizhou,merged other companies,built a High-end sewing machine Research and Develop manufacture base.So far Sunsir tech have covered an area of 20,000sqm,construction area 40,000sqm,more than 500 employees.In addition,Sunsir tech invested huge amount to purchase advanced manufacture and testing equipment.Sunsir tech has experienced trading to R&D,than combined R&D,manufacture and trading for change running business,a brilliant turn on the road of transfer and upgrade.Sunsir tech is growing up to National sewing machine maker Brand fo major company.Annual manufacture and sales position top,product structures are complete and various,comprehensive competition situated advantage for front line.

  Sunsir tech mainly manufacture lockstitch,overlock,interlock,chainstitch,bartacking,button attaching,button holing,pattern sewing,zigzag series heavy duty material sewing machine、servo motor control system,sewing unit etc,more than 100 models,widely range applied for bag,sofa,leather,garment etc to render service.Products certified ISO9001,EU CE,Sunsir products certified ECO and Energy-saving.All series products are certified by National sewing machine testing center.

  Sunsir tech stand in China,aim to globe,is a global sewing machine maker.Sunsir tech wishes work together with all friends to cast a high quality industrial chain,hand in hand to make brilliant future.